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Company Policies

Environmental Policy Statement

Parker Plant Hire Limited is committed to making sure that our activities are consistent with best practise in the Hire Industry and with relative legislative and regulatory requirements.

The Company's Environmental Policy will be reviewed regularly to make sure that it continues to meet or exceed current standards.

Our commitment means that all staff at every level of the Company will strive to meet minimum standards, as set by the Company from time to time for:

  • Recording the use of raw materials and other supplies
  • Recording the safe environmentally acceptable disposal of waste materials
  • Finding new methods of waste disposal that are more environmentally acceptable than existing methods.
  • Reducing energy usage to a minimum level where possible
  • Advising customers on the Company's Environmental Policy and the best practise use of hired goods that may have an impact on the environment
  • Assessing supplier's compliance with the Company's Environmental Policy
  • Maintaining a "good neighbour" approach to the local community and aim to support local environment initiatives where possible
  • Carry out environmental impact assessments as part of any new initiative on the part of the Company

As part of this Environmental Policy, the Company will appoint an employee or Director to act as an Environmental Officer. They will be responsible for implementing this policy and for its effective communication to all staff, customers and suppliers

Health and Safety Policy Statement

The management and personnel of this company fully accept that it has a responsibility for ensuring that Health and Safety at work is maintained at a high level and to approach the management of working practices in a way which supports safety in all aspects of our business.

We are committed to identifying, assessing and controlling risks, which exist at our site, to evaluate and monitor the measures and safeguards, which are introduced to cover any risks, which are identified.  This will be achieved through the process of risk assessments, which applies to any nature of risk, from chemical hazards to work activities, from power sources to harmful emissions.

In controlling risks and introducing safeguards, we will prioritise the significant risks as major areas of activity expending such resources as a warranted by the nature of the risk to eliminate, or at least effectively control that risk at source, using personal protective equipment only as "a last resort".

We recognise our responsibility to ensure that welfare facilities are such that health is not adversely affected, that we maintain all areas of work in a suitable condition for the tasks to be performed within the, and that all emergency situations are properly catered for and have sufficient resource to ensure effective protection of our workforce.

To achieve these goals, we fully recognise the invaluable resource of our people and are committed to training and developing them in line with our overall policy and specific work activities, using their input as a valuable source of hazard identification and risk control.  In this way, each and every individual has a vital and specific role in maintaining our safety standard.











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